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Drop Your Ego and Pick Up Your Leash

May 06, 2013 at 10:34 AM


Not exactly an epiphany, but far too many people still don’t seem to realize how important this is.

As I see it, this is partly ego driven, with the mindset, “I’ve got my dog trained. He will come on my command.” I can’t tell you how many stories like this I’ve heard told by the grieving pet parents of dogs that suddenly get caught up in the moment, running after another dog, cat or rabbit, mesmerized by an unknown object, or maybe just running to say to hi to a familiar face across the street. “He knew  ‘come’, but this time he just didn’t listen. ” The result is the tragic death by vehicle of their beloved pet, a family member.

You know how much your animals mean to you. Even if it’s a one percent chance, they won’t listen, is it worth taking that chance?
If you want them to run free, look for a dog park or another safe fenced in area… or perhaps a countryside location where you know that they will be safe off leash. But
always check for nearby roads and wooded areas where you may not be able to reach your dog.

One more thing, please be sure to keep your cats inside. They are also at great risk. Studies show they will live much longer and healthier lives… and the birds and other little critters will thank you as well.


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