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November 06, 2012 at 3:25 PM

Turning Animal Cruelty into Animal Advocacy

Since this is my first blog entry on my new website, I thought I would start by sharing my feelings on how we can best channel the endless stream of animal cruelty reports and stories in the press and posted through social media.
This is coming from a guy who feels terrible that he may be 30 minutes late coming home to feed his dogs.

As I see it, the challenge is to motivate the public to do more than shake their collective heads or to dream up cruel and unusual punishments for the perpetrators of these unspeakable acts. The primary goal of course is to make people aware of the individual acts and urge them to report any information they may know about the fiends involved. And to emphasize the importance of reporting all suspected cases of animal cruelty. But there is more we need to do.

These reported acts of animal cruelty are a launching point to get people more involved in taking action to help animals in every possible way.
We need to pivot the conversation to leverage the shock and horror… the outrage, by urging people to take any action to help animals.
Whether its fostering, donating or volunteering at a local rescue or shelter.
No good deed is too small. It will all go to the greater good. Turning compassion into action.


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