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Scratching your Head about Fleas on your Dog?

January 04, 2013 at 4:13 PM

Winter is a good time to fight them!

In the past, I have applied the spot-on flea and tick products to my dogs. Never saw a flea, but have recently seen skin irritations where applied. What’s more, I never felt good about putting pesticides on my pets. In fact research suggest that there are severe adverse reactions possible. I have taken a holistic approach towards pet parenting and that goes for fighting fleas as well.

Fleas spend only about 10% of the time on the animals. What’s more, eggs that were laid on your pet will fall off throughout your home. Dry heat in the winter tends to slow down the hatching of flea eggs, so this winter season can give you a competitive advantage in your fight against these brutal little monsters.
You need to vacuum daily and clean bedding and surface areas where fleas live when they are not living on your pet.

Here’s a tip for a natural flea and tick remedy for dogs (cats may be too sensitive for this) from holistic vet, Dr. Judith Shoemaker.

• Take a BIG FAT lemon (the more rind the better) and slice it paper thin.  Put it in a bowl with a tablespoon of crushed rosemary leaves or a 6-inch sprig of fresh.  Pour a quart of near boiling water over it.  Let steep overnight.  Strain & put into a large spray bottle.  Keep in fridge.  Shake well before applying.

The d-limonene in this spray along with the rosemary oil will give your dog a beautiful, shiny coat & keep fleas and other bugs away including mosquitoes (so you get extra heartworm protection).  If your dog has dry skin or allergies, add a teaspoon of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of Aloe pulp.  Use the spray at least twice a week to keep the scent on the coat to repel bugs.  Also spray it around your doors and through the carpets.  If it’s a bad flea time, spray daily on your dog’s belly and feet to repel them.

• ALSO… Dr. Shoemaker recommends Head and Shoulders Shampoo-kills the fleas and makes the hair slick so that fleas have a tendency to slide off!

NOTE: Always good to check with your vet to see if these tips are OK for your pet!


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