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Time to Spay and Neuter Some of Our Comments

March 07, 2013 at 3:27 PM

MarchBlogImage.jpgAnd Work Better Together to Help Animals

We are all painfully aware of the global tragedy that is unwanted pets and pet overpopulation. It’s a nightmare that we wake up to everyday. As animal lovers, we all do what we can to help animals. This may be by reporting abuse, sharing life saving and educational posts, donating, volunteering, fostering, rescuing, promoting adoption, advocating pro-animal causes and even starting our own rescues.

But what troubles me is the non-productive sniping at rescues and shelters from  some of the most truly devoted animal lovers/advocates/activists. This negative focus is misplaced, and the energy should be reapplied to exploring creative ways to work together to save animals.

We need more original thinking and innovative strategic partnerships.
Let’s focus on our common ground: education, controlling pet population, eliminating the scourge of puppy mills, fighting animal cruelty at every level and placing animals in loving forever homes.

There is no one solution to make it all right for the animals we love. Let’s remember, we are all in this together for their betterment. Focus on changing the negative through positive action.


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