"Rich Britton isn't just passionate about animals -- he's passionate about his radio listeners. When he interviewed me about my novel, Primacy, he demonstrated great command of the material and delivered to his audience a provocative conversation on an important topic."
– J.E. Fishman
Author of Primacy and Cadaver Blues
"In my time with City Kitties, we have done several media interviews and Rich was by far the most pleasant experience. He was a pleasure to work with/speak to, had clearly researched City Kitties, and his level of commitment and care was evident, the interview was really all around wonderful!"
– Eli R Green
City Kitties Rescue Inc.
"Rich did a wonderful interview with me about my work on the emotional and moral lives of animals and I look forward to doing another one in the not too distant future. He clearly had read some of my works and we had a very lively and informative discussion."
– Marc Bekoff
University of Colorado; author of The Emotional Lives of Animals, Wild justice: The Moral Lives of Animals, and The Animal Manifesto: Six reasons for Expanding our Compassion Footprint; marcbekoff.com and with Jane Goodall, http://www.ethologicalethics.org; Psychology Today: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/animal-emotions
“I love talking about dog behavior! I love helping people with their dogs! To be able to do so on Rich Britton's show Passionate About Pets was an incredible experience. Rich is such an awesome host and so much fun to talk with. I look forward to the next time I can appear on his radio show!”
– Jeff Morgan
Elite Dog Behaviorist, Ra'anana Israel
“I was on "Passionate about Pets" discussing my documentary, I Breathe, which is an in depth look at the commercial dog breeding industry. Rich Britton was extremely well versed on the topic we were discussing. He obviously did his homework and it made for a much better radio show. Rich knew when to shift gears to keep the discussion lively and it never got boring for us as guests - and hopefully that was the case for the listeners, too!”
– Jene Nelson
Producer, I Breathe
“I so appreciated my interview with Rich Britton as it gave me a chance to talk about my passion, Lange Foundation, an animal rescue group. It was obvious that Rich is also passionate about animals and the conversation flowed as though we had know each other for quite a while. Kudos to Rich and the station for highlighting the amazing work done by all of the animal advocates.”
– Salli Sammut
Lange Foundation
“Rich’s show was fun and he asked great questions – not just what we ordinarily get but he really thought outside of the box! We loved being interviewed and hope he asks us for another one in the future!”
– Mollyrose Sommer
Prison Pet Partnership
“I found the radio show experience to be wonderful and help our rescue to get the word out about animals being neglected and abandoned. I am so appreciative that Rich would think so much of our rescue to do an interview in the first place. Thank you Rich for all you did for us."
– Jean R. Matvey
President, Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue, Inc.
“Rich has a true passion for pets. His radio program is a great resource for helping people understand the dogs in rescue, and to help rescue organizations reach out to potential adoptors. When he interviewed NorSled, he helped us reach many people who had never heard about sled dogs - what a great way to use the airwaves!”
– Jane Cordingley
“Passionate About Pets is the absolute go-to show for animal lovers everywhere! Fun, fascinating and informative, host Rich Britton interviews a wide variety of animal experts, asking the questions we all want answers to. It was a joy being a guest on Passionate About Pets, speaking with Rich Britton about the roles animals play in my novels and how maintaining a small, TNR feral cat community has changed my life – and theirs -- for the better. Pets have no better spokesman; host Rich is caring, knowledgeable, compassionate and truly interested in his guests, his listeners and the animals we care for. If you love animals, Passionate About Pets with Rich Britton is the show for you!”
– Laura Wiess
Author of Ordinary Beauty, Such a Pretty Girl, Leftovers and How It Ends
“I loved being a guest on ‘Passionate About Pets’ and speaking with Rich Britton about how people can make the kindest choices for both companion animals, and farmed animals. And I think it’s terrific that Rich makes use of the airways to promote adoption of homeless dogs and cats!”
– Ashley Byrne
Senior Campaigner, PETA
“Rich Britton interviewed me about having a pot belly pig as a pet. The experience was awesome. I have been doing rescue for these animals for 15-20 years. I felt very comfortable talking with him on the radio program. I was especially impressed that the questions he asked were things that prospective pot belly pig owners needed to know before adopting or purchasing one of these pets. He asked important questions, was affirming, and asked excellent follow up questions. I highly recommend Rich in his efforts and knowledge of pets, people, and his ability to ask the critical questions, all the while making the interviewee feel completely at ease.”
– Cathy Kost
Belly Draggers Ranch
“Rich's enthusiastically engaging interview was a great way to spread the word about Pilots N Paws and our organization's commitment to
flying rescue animals to new homes. His knowledge about our cause allowed for intriguing questions that prompted heart felt stories to really draw in listeners. A wonderful experience all around!”
– Kathleen Quinn
Executive Director, Pilots N Paws
“I felt like I was sitting in my living room talking to an old friend. That's how comfortable Rich makes you feel when he interviews you. I am a novice at interviews but Rich made the experience very easy and smooth. It was a pleasure being on his show and knowing that there is someone like him advocating for animals is an inspiration to me. I was happy to tell my story about Lucy and more importantly that Rich saw the importance of sharing our story with his audience.“
– Kristen Torchia
Letters for Lucy
“Rich Britton has an easy going, yet clearly intelligent and professional interview style. He asks insightful, interesting questions, and it was a pleasure to speak with him. It's clear that he loves dogs and understands the importance of them in the lives of their people. The show is engaging and very well done.“
– Carolyn Stigler
President, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
"It was a pleasure being on the Passionate About Pets program and being interviewed by Rich Britton. As the director of a large wildlife rehabilitation center, it was great to talk to someone who "gets" what we do and was knowledgable about wild animals and the conflicts they encounter in modern society."
– Rick Schubert
Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation,
Schuylkill Nature Center
Rich has a way of asking questions that allowed me to share very real and meaningful experiences. It was clear he read our book and was genuinely interested in learning more. I found myself thinking “That’s a brilliant question…how did he know to ask that?” We covered a tremendous amount of ground in a very short time.
– Andrea Chilcote
Co-author, Erik's Hope
"Rich Britton brings professionalism and passion to both his radio show and cause for animals. Being interviewed on his radio show gave me an opportunity to share with his listening audience my children's books as told through the dog's point of view. Rich took the time to read my book and review my website making the interview enjoyable and informative."
– Ruth Zavitsanos
Author, Kona Dog
It was such a pleasure speaking to Rich Britton on his show 'Passionate about Pets'. His questions were engaging, inquisitive, and informative and he is certainly passionate about pets. The interview flew by in minutes and I felt as if I could have talked to Rich forever. It's always great speaking Dog to a fellow educated dog enthusiast.
– Lisa Spector
Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear
When it comes to advocating for animals, Rich Britton doesn’t limit his compassion to just dogs and cats. He also stand ups for animals who aren’t traditionally afforded legal protection, like farm animals, who constitute the largest population of abused animals on Earth. I was honored to discuss the inherent animal cruelty in industrial animal agriculture on PASSIONATE ABOUT PETS. Rich is the real deal.
– Gene Baur
Founder, Farm Sanctuary
Thank you much Rich for hosting me on your wonderful radio talk show, Passionate About Pets! I truly appreciated the opportunity to talk about The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets and explain our mission and our programs. Your questions were very pertinent and kept the momentum at a steady pace; I couldn't have asked for a more gracious host. Hopefully, people will be inspired by what they heard and will decide this is an option they want to choose for their companion animals. You have indeed done us a great service by inviting me to speak.
– Kathryn D. Marocchino, PhD
The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets

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